Moments of Glory #10

Episode 10 of the Moments of Glory series. Need we say more?

Enjoy the show!


We still need contributors! Do you think you could create the next MoG? Contact pix or any other Sauerworld team member for more info, either on this website, through the Contribute Form, or in #sauercom on IRC.


But in the mean time, what was your favorite scene?!!?!


Who had the best scene in MoG #10?

  • notas (33%)
  • Joran (23%)
  • Chaos (23%)
  • Zeus (12%)
  • Jawer (9%)
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  1. swatllama

    Great job on the video, Fatality!
    Classic intro shots with Fear’s direct rocket + rifle combo, Agalloch shotgunning someone… where was Star’s air rocket???

    Great clips, especially by notas and chaos. I’m gonna have to vote for notas though for that clutch rocket.

  2. Jawer

    Nice video Fata,
    I understand that you cut out the score before but i just wanna mention that i did 2 scores without dying :D
    And the actual winner is obviously Agalloch cause he covers all the great moments from the intro :P

  3. Vex

    I’m sorry but… music?! Kidding me? I had no impression at all after seeing the MoG #9. So that’s one of the awful MoG’s. Sorry if I hurt someone.

    – Vex

      1. Vex

        Answering to all of you.

        Neon: No.

        Fatality: Not really. I made such opinion because a nominiees doesn’t makes any impression.

        Swatllama: No. I loved it because of the great and fresh action. There was alot of great and epic shots.

        – Vex

      2. Fatality

        I have to be completely honest here, even though I was in MoG 9, the clips from that one were sub-par at best, even somewhat boring. The music also isn’t my taste, but I enjoyed it anyway. Maybe you don’t like me, or maybe you don’t like not seeing yourself in a video, OR maybe you are holding a grudge because you didn’t make the MoG, but I encourage you to put the biased opinions aside and you might just enjoy it too. Also you said nothing about the nominees in your comment, just about the music, and then preceded to say the video was “awful”. There is also a lot more to the video than just who was nominated. And anyway, how can the nominees not make any impression? Everyone else seems to think they were pretty impressive…

      3. Vex

        As I said I’m sorry if I hurt you.

        I don’t hate you or anything in this way. I am totaly okay with that you was doing the video. And I probably used an incorrect word. It’s not awful, just not impressive. MoG videos for me are like one of the best moments players ever done or something in that way. With a great action music and all that stuff. Here, it started with a bit of relaxation music ( I like the way you do videos ) but not in this time. I’m just saying that I don’t “hate or dislike it much”. I meant that I think it should’ve had some more action music, and maybe some video effects. )

        – Vex

  4. a-monster

    Great video, really well done, congratz! i am impressed !

    F….. great clip´s too. Notas, really perfect job.

    Great thing here.



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