Moments of Glory 15

Episode 15 of the Moments of Glory series

What was your favorite scene from MoG #15?

  • benzomatic's last minute flag save (50%)
  • starch's domination (25%)
  • DarkFire's return from death flag run (25%)
  • Partizan's frags and flag run/return (0%)
  • Master's assist, frags and flag run (0%)
  • Shinnok's 8x mix game kills (0%)
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  1. bandandit

    Nice vid Fatality. Benzomatic’s moment was obviously the best but nice to see some smooth moves from Batman!

  2. notas

    this completely legitimate poll with no vote manipulation has come to a shocking end with benz pulling ahead at the last second to take the whole thing, congrats to benz!


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