Moments of Glory #16


We welcome Inko with his first appearance on SauerWorld! With advice from Fatality, he marks the kick-off of new aspiring video editors and brings fresh energy into the movie scene. 

Leave out the disrespect and drop comments on his video or here with constructive criticism or cake recipes instead. Enjoy the edit, pogchamps! And don’t forget to vote!

What was your favourite nominee's play from MoG #16?

  • Alkfly's epic quadrakill + flagrun (47%)
  • Plata's impressive rocket prediction (32%)
  • Inko's all rifle quadrakill + flagrun (21%)
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  1. unnamed

    The mog get worse and worse from time to time.
    There are no clips that make me think “wow”.
    In my eyes, a mog clip should be perfect and clean. If someone misses rifles or gets stuck on every other corner during flagrun, that’s not a mog.

    1. Master

      I agree. Inko recycled demos that are already quite old. We should make a cut after every video so that a mog actually represents a certain time frame. I can’t recall the last time that I saw Inko walking around as =trs=wrocky or seeing secrets play. There needs to be some form of quality control regarding the demos and plays chosen and the editing and song choice. The last few mogs all look the same. Same type of music, exactly the same game setup. That’s just uncreative and it makes the videos less entertaining. While fatality has been doing good work with the mogs in the past, it’s time for a new style and a new benchmark.
      Regarding future mogs: Please take your time. Take your time collecting decent demos, don’t include demos that already didn’t make previous mogs :P and take your time with the editing(this means not using the same snout skins we’ve been seeing for the past 3 years, not using the same shitty standard font, not including laggy clips?(this one is kind of obvious :P) and just mixing up the style, sauer leaves so much room for creativity so fucking use it =)


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