Collected Hall of Fame

Sauerbraten has over 10 years of competitive history to its name. The list below contains results from nearly all of the various leagues run during that time, ordered chronologically.

Premier Sauerbraten League

PSL ran from 2007-2010, administrated and organized primarily by oo|shmutz. It was the first Sauerbraten tournament in history, and one of the longest running. PSL laid the groundwork for future leagues with the allvall qualifier format, best of three title matches, and, in the later stages, public polls to decide which maps were played.

Sauerbraten Dangerous Monkeys Championship

SDMC was a series of tournaments run from mid 2010 to mid 2011 by the Dangerous Monkeys clan. While it had somewhat less pomp and circumstance than PSL or SWL, it was a huge success – well administered, with a wide variety of modes and a distinguished list of competitors.

SDMC Table
Effic FFA Insta eCTF iCTF Hold Insta Hold Regen Capture Teamplay
beast ★★★★★ beast kuzen ★★ DM ★★ JG ★★ DM RB RB DM
Deimos Ace beast RB ★★ sp4nk vaQ DM DM QS
m0s ★★   Honzik1 JG ★★ vaQ   TX   RB
degrave   7thWarrior oo DM ★★       sp4nk
senor   Fraggsta ★★ :D RB       buza
Honzik1   anima 1′          

buza = beast, kabuza 1′ = ace, kabuza, thelove :D = 0815, Fraggsta, m0s

Sauerbraten World League

SWL ran from 2011-2013, administrated and organized by Achille|sp4nk|, with technical assistance from Markku and Pisto. Also of note was the first nations cup, which was won by Germany, and the SWL insta and effic ladders, won by notas and Acuerta respectively.

Insta Ladder
Name Points Games Wins/NS Draws Losses Frags
notas 41 15 10+3 2 0 2189
Achille 40 15 12+1 1 1 3022
KaZ 36 15 9+3 0 2+1 1924
kuzen 30 15 7+2 3 0+3 2149
echo-echo 29 15 6+3 2 3+1 2448
Cannibal 25 15 6+2 1 3+3 1805
Fear 20 15 3+3 2 7 1982
Chaos 20 15 4+2 2 4+3 1752
zentraL 18 15 4+2 0 4+5 1487
Nextone 14 15 1+3 2 7+2 1635
Tric 13 15 1+2 4 8 2452
HeLL 11 15 1+2 2 8+2 1577
TheLove 11 15 1+2 2 5+5 1077
Walker 8 15 1+1 2 10+1 1897
Honzik1 7 15 1+1 1 3+9 860
Selinux 0 15 0 0 2+13 261
Effic Ladder
Name Points Games Wins/NS Draws Losses Frags
Acuerta 63 21 16+5 0 0 2526
notas 58 21 12+7 1 1 1838
KaZ 50 21 12+4 2 0+3 1344
Achille 49 21 12+4 1 4 1871
echo-echo 45 21 11+3 3 1+3 2227
kuzen 42 21 5+8 3 3+1 1435
bug 38 21 8+4 2 7 1546
Tric 35 21 5+6 2 8 1893
NextOne 35 21 6+4 2 6+2 1696
Walker 28 21 6+2 4 8+1 1859
Chaos 27 21 3+6 0 5+7 965
Art 29 20 5+3 2 4+6 1319
Fear 23 21 3+4 2 10+2 1564
TheLove 23 21 3+4 2 5+7 936
Liugam 16 21 1+4 1 4+11 540
zentral 14 21 0+4 2 9+5 1271
brownie 13 21 4 1 1+15 879
Unlix 12 21 2+1 3 11+4 1567
Drekow 10 21 0+3 1 10+7 962
t-chen 8 21 0+2 2 2+15 469
Jawer 7 21 2 0 12+7 1424
JusT 6 21 1+1 0 6+13 668

Sauerbraten Day of Sobriety

Sauerbraten Day of Sobriety (SDoS) was a tournament organized by mefisto in late 2013. It originally planned to host multiple modes and events, but, due to a number of factors (mostly ddos) only managed one – Insta 1v1, won by {QS}ConMan after the later disqualifiaction of Apollon (Bounty).

ConMan Acuerta notas


SauerCom Events

An eCTF tourney and effic ladder hosted by Acuerta in 2014, aiming to provide much needed competition during the gap between major tournaments.

Dark Keepers Sauerbraten Championship

DKSC ran frequently from June 2014 to May 2015. It is remembered, among other things, for the 3rd Advent effic cup, which was and still is one of the most exciting effic tourneys of all time.

Video of 3rd Advent Cup games


SSL was founded by swatllama and ran for all of 2015. It restored a level of consistent prestige to competitive Sauerbraten that hadn’t been seen since the closing of SWL in 2013.

SSL Table
note: raffael was convicted of triggerbot usage in tourneys from 2018-19, and stripped of all titles during that period. swatllama is not of the belief that he was cheating during SSL, and has therefore allowed those titles to stand.

Effic FFA Insta
raffael ★★★★ swatllama ★★★ Honzik1 ★★★
Honzik1 Honzik1 ★★ Frosty ★★
neon ★★ Frosty ★★ Achille
Frosty Lokio lagout ★★
Acuerta lagout neon
Lokio Redon Fear
lagout raffael hades ★★

A Flagrun tournament, which took place the first time in August 2015.


A short but competitive set of tournaments organized by Frosty and pisto in the spring of 2016.
Title Winners
Effic FFA Insta
Honzik1 ★★
Frosty ★★
Rexus ★★
Honzik1 ★★
RB ★★
eC ★★★

!mpressive Sauer League

!sl was a handful of tournaments that ran through the first half of 2017, put together by the !mpressive Squad clan.


Effic FFA Insta eCTF iCTF
Rexus notas Honzik1 ★★ !s★★★ !s
Honzik1 Honzik1 notas rC ★★★ RB
starch Redon starch poland sp4nk
Morry lagout lagout p00p rC
    Rexus w4nk mix
    Jawer m1x !s2

Miscellaneous Tournaments

Various tournaments from 2016-2018 – two eCTFs (one a round robin) run without official organization, an FFA round robin run without official organization, a 2017 SSL one off, a holiday eCTF tourney also run by swatllama, 3 eCTF tournaments run by Frosty, and one iCTF.
  Title Winners  
Effic FFA Insta
eCTF Teamplay iCTF
RB ★★
sp4nk ★★
!s ★★★★
Frosty & Lokio
AiurZ & wtf?!
degrave & Honzik1


Sauer Duels ran for about 2 years, from October 2017 to December 2019, and was hosted by Frosty and Origin. Building on the lessons of the last decade, SauerDuels provided some of the best organized and highest quality competition that Sauerbraten has ever seen. It introduced a glicko2 rating system that delivered a level of nuance and insight previously unheard of in Sauer’s competitive ranking, as well as allowing for fairer, more results based seedings.



note: Events up through SD #33 took place with the community unaware that w00p|raffael was using a triggerbot. Upon discovery of this, he was disqualified, and rankings and placements were recalculated.


Just Subtract 30!

JS30 was two beginner-only FFA events run by notas during the SD era. While these were not major events with the best of the best, the participants deserve recognition and the events deserve remembering, because they were ridiculously fun.
shakey (Fatum)



The main team tournament from 2018-2019.
sp4nk★★★★★ !s★★★★★ sQ★  DM w00p sp4nk2 sp4nk !s sp4nk2 DM

note: SL took place during the period of raffael’s triggerbot usage, and as such, all of w00p’s results involving him were disqualified. You can still see the results that were achieved at the time in the challonge bracket.


the notas Summer Fun League was two team events run in the summer of 2019 by notas and the SD staff.


World Cup 2020 (Corona Cup)

In May of 2020, with the world in lock-down due to Covid-19, swatllama hosted Sauer’s 3rd World Cup event. 2020 saw the balance of power in Sauer shift somewhat from the last world cups, with USA winning the gold, Eastern Europe falling to second, and France coming in third, knocking Germany off the podium altogether.

eCTF 3v3
Eastern Europe
France 2

Bracket Twitch Vod

Miscellaneous SVN Tourneys 2020

Between the end of Sauer Duels and the release of the new version of Sauerbraten, notas organized a number of informal events on the beta version of the game for the purpose of testing new mechanics, finding bugs, and playing new maps.

Effic FFA eCTF
starch Redon sp4nk
Rexus swatllama !s
lagout notas w00p

note: In eCTF, w00p’s main team was again dq’d due to raffael sneaking in by faking another member, and once again, it does not appear that his teammates were aware. Seriously, it’s a long story. Vods

Sauerbraten Competitive League

SCL is the currently running tournament adminstered by swatllama, running a wide variety of modes.

Insta Effic FFA Teamplay eCTF iCTF
DarkFire’ lagout swatllama tDMC sp4nk ★★ !s ★★
Gangler starch Tay|Z w00p !s RB
Galaxy Partizan Plata sp4nk RB sp4nk ★★★
  Rexus ★★   BRO w00p sp4nk 2
  Plata   !s sp4nk 2 ★★ sQ
  Frosty   tBMC   w00p
  Gangler   Frenshi    

BRO was notas and swatllama, Frenshi was Frosty and tenshi.

Detailed Challonge results available here amongst unrelated brackets, and also here for the first eCTF.
Twitch Vods (notas), not including the first FFA and first 2 eCTFs available here. Alternate (swatllama) streams of teamplay and the FFA tourney (still no eCTF) can be found somewhere in here
Special Events
FFA ladder: Master DarkFire’ Tay|Z See other divisions here
3v3 Circuit: !s sQ DK Details here

eCTF Championship Series

eCS is an eCTF tournament series run by Avior, Mod and Fohlen, running multiple divisions and formats.

eCTF Div 1 eCTF Div 2 eCTF Open eCTF Mix
!s sQ !s cr4zeout
sp4nk DM RB wrexweapon
RB Banana Gang sp4nk darottifly

Banana Gang was Furry Degenerate, 1989, Qur, and Emma.
cr4zeout was cr4sh, Raze and lagout
wrexweapon was Rexus, bioweapon and Wollmilch
darottifly was Alkfly, Darkfire’ and Rotti

The eCTF ladder was run with two divisions sorted by skill, brackets: here
The eCTF open had no divisions, bracket here
The eCTF mix cup was run on an experimental map pool, with teams selected by the admins, see info here and bracket snapshot here.
Teams: Team 1: cordezz, starch, qur, Team 2 (darottifly): Alkfly, Darkfire’, Rotti, Team 3 (wrexweapon): Wollmilch, Rexus, bioweapon, Team 4: emma, FurryDegenerate, Wulorc, Team 5 (cr4zeout): cr4sh, lagout, Raze, Team 6: Manu, Tamin0, benkei

Miscellaneous Tournaments 2021-2022

Various tourneys from 2021 and 2022, including:

Effic FFA Insta eCTF
Partizan swatllama bioweapon sp4nk
Galaxy Tay|Z Plata !s
Plata Master hades RB

Off-Meta Tournament Series

From Eleisa:
“The Off-Meta Tournament Series is a casual-oriented series of tournaments featuring the lesser played game modes such as tactics, hold, protect, capture etc. The idea is to provide a fun environment where everyone is encouraged to participate and have fun!”

Tactics: Won by DarkFire’ after Frostyno showed the final. Third place went to swatllama★.
Insta-Team: Won by !s, with sp4nk taking second and DM coming in third.
FFA: Won by swatllama, with Master taking second and tenshi coming in third.