Teamplay Mix Tournament November 26th 2023

Hello! It’s been a while! Teamplay with mixed teams and a bit of a off-meta pool! Pog!

To spice things up, we do mix teams! Here is how it works:

  1. You sign up by messaging @manutrollolol on Discord until Friday, 17th November 5 minutes before tourney beginning and join the CompetitiveSauer Discord (mandatory for matchmaking!!)
  2. Teams will be formed randomly and minimally altered for fair and exciting teams.
  3. You will have time to sync up with your new partner and practice for playing on tournament day!
  • When: SIGN-UP 17th November , TOURNEY 26th November 18:00 CET
  • Format: Double Elimination (Winner and Loser brackets);
  • Winner’s BO3: Higher seed picks first, lower seed second, third map veto until one map is left.
    Loser’s BO1: Loser brackets veto until one map is left.
    Lower seed always vetos first.
    Seeding determined through All vs. All.
    Grand Finals BO5 unless both teams agree to do BO3.
  • Mappool: cartel crypta gorge hator horus suisei waltz
  • Bracket:

Also, use this chance to collect your final MoG clips and submit them on Sauerworld Discord in #mog-submissions. It will be your last chance as submissions.

Hope to see many people join! Happy fragging!



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