INSTA – 1v1 Duel Tournament – 17th December 2023

Hello, since this game is alive I want to host everyone’s favourite duel mode! Pog! And no turbine this time! Isn’t that great?? Because TIT will be February lol. It is a short notice but there will be more tourneys. See it as a warm-up for the ICTF in January.

  • When: 17th December, 18:00 CET
  • Format: Double Elimination (Winner and Loser brackets);
  • Winner’s BO3: Higher seed picks first, lower seed second, third map veto until one map is left.
    Loser’s BO1: Loser brackets veto until one map is left.
    Lower seed always vetos first.
    Seeding determined through All vs. All.
    Grand Finals BO5 unless both teams agree to do BO3.
  • Bracket: Challonge
  • Discord: (CompetitiveSauer, mandatory)

Mappool: complex douze duel5 haze kffa ot souls

For sign-up, message @manutrollolol on Discord or spam me ingame since I will spam you to join, too.

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