Get Started!

This is an extended version of notas’ quickstart guide.


Useful commands that aren’t in GUI (type in chat with a slash / in front):

  • texreduce (= picmip in Quake), 0-12 (ex: /texreduce 4)
  • hudgun (= drawgun), 1|0 (ex: /hudgun 0)
  • /maxfps 0 sets uncapped, or set to any value (ex: /maxfps 288)

Getting in touch with players

  • Join the Sauerworld Discord server: (use #find-games)
    Peak hours are 10 – 18:00 EST (15:00 to 23:00 GMT), after 18:00 EST you can usually find duels in discord but no team games other than public ictf
  • Need help? Message notas, Redon, or Lokio, or just post in #sauercom or #support in Sauerworld Discord
  • PS: Some servers are run by idiots that may kick you for no reason.

Setting up a game

  • open your server browser (menu)
  • find a server with the green open label and 0 players on it (suggestions: [sQ]; sp4nk,
    Note: hit detection in Sauerbraten is clientside so a ping of 100 is perfectly fine, and up to 200 is still playable albeit bad.
  • once you’re on the server, open the menu > master, “claim master” and set it to “locked”; this will give you the necessary privileges and put anyone connecting to the server in spectator mode

Frequently Asked Questions (adapted from and

  • Q: Where are my saved maps, configs, screenshots? Where do I put things I wish to add?
    In your Cube 2 home folder
    On Windows, try C:\Users\$USER\Documents\My Games\Sauerbraten\. On a Mac, it’s ~/Library/Application Support/sauerbraten/. On Linux, it’s ~/.sauerbraten.
  • Q: How can I save my settings?
    1) use config.cfg
    The engine autosaves into config.cfg. You should always check config.cfg for “on-the-fly” scripting and personal settings before erasing it; keep it backed up from time to time. A missing config.cfg will be replaced by defaults.cfg and autoexec.cfg. autoexec.cfg overrides defaults.cfg. The engine first checks for a config.cfg, if it isn’t there it uses defaults.cfg then autoexec.cfg.
    2) use autoexec.cfg
    Put any required settings into autoexec.cfg. It’s executed after config.cfg.
  • Q: How can I make the game run on (very) old hardware?
    – turn off graphical effects (via menu)
    – use playermodel ogro (via menu)
    – set color depth 16 and z-buffer depth 24 (via menu)
    – use /texreduce 12 (via console)
    – use /hudgun 0 (via console)
    – use maxtexsize 128 (via console)
    – use /texcompress 128 (via console)
    – reduce value for /maxparticles (via console)