Butcher’s Sauer League (ac + polls below)


IMPORTANT: All players have to download and install an anticheat as prerequisite to compete in the tournament. Anticheat download link:

When: May 21st, 18PM CET
Mappool: TBD
Format: Double Elimination, best of 3 winner’s bracket and best of 1 loser’s bracket. In the winner’s bracket, each team will pick a map (higher seed picks first), and then each team will get vetoes (lower seed vetoes first), and the last map left will be the tie-breaker map. Default loser bracket finals map will be TBD. Finals will be a best of 5, with the winner’s bracket finalist having a one map advantage, and the loser’s bracket winner picking the first map. Map pool for the finals: TBD.

You can sign up by messaging karuzo or Partizan on discord, deadline is Sunday May 21st 15:00PM CET (3 hours before the tournament starts). Once you set and sign your line ups, it CANNOT be changed anymore during the tournament. In case you need a substitute, it has to be a player who doesn’t play for the second team if you have two teams signed as a clan. Mixed teams are welcome too.

If there aren’t more than 4 teams signed up, format will be round robin.

Ectf pool: forge reissen luna enigma haste + first 2 with the most votes from Ectf poll
Ectf map poll: twinforts abbey croma catch22 turbulence
Ictf map poll: laucin mbt1 l_ctf capture_night

ECTF Map pool for "Butchers Sauer League"? (up to two votes)

  • catch22 (31%)
  • twinforts (22%)
  • abbey (22%)
  • turbulence (13%)
  • croma (11%)
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ICTF Map pool for "Butchers Sauer League"? (up to two votes)

  • laucin (35%)
  • mbt1 (27%)
  • capture_night (22%)
  • l_cft (16%)
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