Turbine Efficiency Tournament 2023

Turbine Efficiency Tournament 2023

Guys, it is time again. Let’s see if effic will be as cool as insta!

    • When: Sunday, September 3rd 2023, 6pm CET
    • Mode: efficiency
    • Map pool: turbine, turbine, turbine, turbine, turbine, turbine, turbine
    • Format: Double Elimination (Winner and Loser brackets); 
      Winner’s BO3: Higher seed picks first, lower seed second, third map veto until one map is left.
      Loser’s BO1: Loser brackets veto until one map is left.
      Lower seed always vetos first.
    • Bracket: https://challonge.com/tet2023
    • Contact: Competitive Sauer Discord, or @manutrollolol on Discord

*Bruv this is the second time you host this turbine shit tourney, why haven’t you done anything else by now than turbine?! Are you in love with turbine because it’s the best most pog map ever?!!?* – Perhaps.

*Has turbine actually powered through hyperinflation thanks to it’s enormous amounts of energy export generated by turbining SAND?!* – Indeed!

*But why only turbine? The map is so overplayed and there are others!!* – Yes but turbine is pog as it provides a map many people know. This way people practicing can focus on their playstyle and not map knowledge. Learn to read your enemy and make them your audio book. 

Who will become the first TET champion? Will Cannibal, current reigning TIT champ, win TET too and become the ultimate Pogchamp?! We will find out.

It’s the second and last turbine tourney of this year I promise, but my plan was to run turbne bi-anually – meaning Insta and Effic once a year. If it starts to feel too much, it’ll be only of of these a year. (chance for that is high).

It’s gonna be streamed by me! Either as a player or just bad caster (others are welcome, too)

Can’t wait to see all those sign-ups rain in! Happy fragging


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