Turbine Instagib Tournament – February 2023

Turbine Instagib Tournament – February 2023

Hello guys.

It’s time to try out tournament hosting and what better to host than my second favourite gamemode? ITURB! A quick overview:

  • WHEN: Saturday, February 4th 2023, 6pm CET
  • Mode: instagib
  • Map pool: turbine, turbine, turbine, turbine, turbine
  • Format: Double Elimination (Winner and Loser brackets); 
    Winner’s BO3: Higher seed picks first, lower seed second, third map veto until one map is left.
    Loser’s BO1: Loser brackets veto until one map is left.
    Lower seed always vetos first.
  • Bracket: https://challonge.com/de/tit_feb2023

Why on Saturday? – I planned it on Sunday but noticed I don’t have time. If it is a major issue for all players, we can postpone it to February 19th.


*Turbine? But the map doesn’t make any sense!! Why is there sand instead of water running through the turbines of this facility???* – Yes.


*But why only turbine? The map is so overplayed and there are others!!* – Yes but turbine is pog as it provides a map many people know. This way people practicing can focus on their playstyle and not map knowledge. Learn to read your enemy and make them your audio book. Also I added proof that other maps are inferior to turbine, you can find it on the bottom of this post.


Of course there will be other tournaments with a bigger variety of maps in the future. But I am very curious about you guys’ opinions and how many contestants will contest in the TIT! Everybody is welcome!!Also consider it is my first tournanent I am hosting and therefore might not be as smooth right off. :)

Message ManuTrollolol#2366 on Discord for info and sign-up. Also join the Competitive Sauer Discord: https://discord.gg/hEHYDzQg8Q




  1. Fros|tee|

    One of the least interesting, least impressive skill-wise, and most unwatchable tournament idea of all-time

  2. Sai

    This is the most innovative tournament Ive ever seen. Turbine is a map that even the worst insta players are good on. Plus it appeals to a large audience. In my opinion this will be one of the biggest tournaments held in a long time. Hopefully you have more great ideas like this Manu!! Keep up the great work.


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