Submit demos for MoG 10th year anniversary!

Hello guys!

“Moments of Glory” turns 10! Which once started out as a short one-minute video by p1x turned into a series of 17 videos made by several contributors like p1x, Ace, Knoxville, Fat4lity, Jumper and Inko! 

As a celebration, Inko, Wollmilchsau and me join forces to create an 18th MoG which will release on 21st of December this year – the same date as MoG #1.

Enough time to start playin’n’ collectin’ your amazing clips (if you haven’t already collected some) and submit them in the #mog-submissions on the SauerWorld Discord. Or you can DM them to @inkowinko. Whether it’s just a single dope shot or a magnificent kill streak, we gladly edit these for you. 

For editor’s convinience, please name your files like this scheme: “playername.5.41.dmo”

How do I pull demos?” – Click here.

Happy fragging!

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