Moments of Glory #9

The wait was long, but here it finally is: Moments of Glory #9!

As last time, the video will be blocked in Germany, so here is a link to a Dailymotion upload:

For the quality nerds of us, here is a download link for the original file. And in case you did not know, we are always looking for people who want to contribute to the MoG series by making an episode themselves, so if you can record and cut videos, don’t hesitate and reach out to me! I’m happy to help you along the way, should you want that.

And now, vote on your favorite scene:

What is your favorite scene from MoG #9?

  • Fear's fearsome frags'n'flag run (45%)
  • Fatality's score in two acts (29%)
  • ETERNAL's double score with five rifle kills (26%)
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      1. CTF

        Would’ve liked to see .rC|Hasudem’s score as one of the nominees, nice to see some CTF action for once!

  1. star

    morst mog so far
    i do not really see any glory in the ‘moments’

    more like kanye said

    1. Agalloch

      I vote for my little Star.

      His random chainsaw was simply amazing (on me) I vote star. Seriously, it was funny, and the best scene.

  2. Hutch

    I was .rC|Hasudem and this may seem selfish, but I honestly think that my frags and score were better than a few rifles from eternal :)


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