eCTF Championship Series – Match Day 2 (Division B)

We’ve seen a thrilling first half of season 1 with !s] taking a big leap in division A and sQ leading the way in division B. As to ranks 2-4 in both divisions, everything is possible, and with the amount of extremely close matches, we can surely expect some surprises. Next week division B is going to finish with the following timetable:

TimeRoundeCS Server AeCS Server BeCS Server C
Sunday March 28, 6 PM CET6sQ, .hppbanana gang, =DK=|DM|, =MyS=
Sunday March 28, 6:45 PM CET7=MyS=, banana gang.hpp, |DM|=DK=, sQ
Sunday March 28, 7:30 PM CET8banana gang, |DM|sQ, =MyS==DK=, .hpp
Sunday March 28, 8:15 PM CET9=MyS=, =DK=|DM|, sQ.hpp, banana gang
Sunday March 28, 9PM10=DK=, |DM|=MyS=, .hppsQ, banana gang

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