SCL FFA Ladder Results

The results from the FFA Ladder, which ended well over a month ago, are in.

Division 1:
1. Master
2. Darkfire
3. Tay|Z
4. Galaxy
5. Benkei
6. 1989 
7. Plata

Master was always slated to win division 1, so the real fight was for 2nd and third places. Tay|Z was my favourite to win 2nd, but Darkfire learned FFA more and spammed all of sauerworld with duel requests, and managed to solidly take 2nd place. 

Division 2:
1. Manu
2. Avior
3. Raze
4. Wanderer
5. ZCrone
6. Qur
7. Rotti
8. Secrets

Division 2 had more of a challenge for getting to the podium. Matches among the top 4 players almost universally went 2-1. Wanderer brought in some older ffa knowledge from years ago, but didn’t spend much time practicing the new maps. Raze was completely new to ffa, but brought in an insane aim, and managed to tie Avior in the number of wins he got, losing 2nd place to him on some of the frag margins of those games. Avior 2-1’d Raze and went 1-2 against Manu [1] and wanderer [4] both.

Division 3:
1. Tune
2. Neko
3. Wulorc
4. Wollmilch
5. Cordezz
6. Akari
7. Fixxxer
8. D4killa

Division 3 proved to be the most interesting, in that it had some of the most surprising results. While more people expected tune to win than didn’t, Neko was another fan favourite for the top spot. Wulorc and Wollmilch also did surprisingly well for how little ffa background they’d had – in fact, the only two maps Tune [1] dropped in the ladder were to Wulorc [3]. Meanwhile, he lost 2-1 to Wollmilch [4]. 

Exciting games all around!

VODS: (swatllama)


  1. Frosty

    Credit to you for sticking with it, I had my doubts, but I was wrong, this was a good ladder and a good turnout


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