Diabotical – New FPS Game in the Making

“A fast-paced multiplayer Arena FPS set in a colourful robot universe developed by former Quake and esport professionals.”

Diabotical in a nutshell:   

  • The best bits of the genre, improved and fine-tuned by ex-pros
  • Classic and new game modes for both solo and team play
  • Plenty of cosmetic customization
  • In-house engine, multi-user map editor and modding support
  • Extensive community and esport features
  • The game will be on Steam for Windows at around the $10-15 mark
  • 10-12 months left in development, closed beta asap

Find their kickstarter project (still running) here.


  1. hamon

    Really great Trailer… sadly not for Linux.. time to install a second system on my Pc… Sadly Sauerbraten doesn’t have a Trailer like this… Epic Sound, Epic Kills, Good Music… THAT IS GOOD ADVERTISMENT!

    1. TristamK

      Windows is requared only for games if you have Linux.
      Sauer can get trailer like this if we will get a bit batter camera and someone with good voice and microphone.

  2. Zoocata

    I learned my lesson from Reflex. Supported that game and it ended up sucking. Hopefully if this one gets funded we can finally have a good “new school” arena fps.

    1. Adelaide

      This is sad actually, the original cube was the first game to have an ingame multiplayer map editor, but it never gets credit for it. There are even some lists of games which support multiplayer ingame editors and neither cubes are in there :/
      Cube FTW!!!!

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