Submissions Reopened for MoG #14

We would like to reopen submissions for Sauerworld: Moments of Glory #14 following the expressed interest of previous MoG video creators (basically me lol.) And now, you can submit your demos on discord.

Did you just make an awesome shot in a mix game/clanwar? Save the demo and submit it. Did you strategically dodge 3 enemy players and score a flag with 5hp? Save the demo and submit it.

Anything that you think was a skilled, strategic, lucky, or otherwise entertaining moment will be considered for the next video. (Let’s be honest, basically anything you submit which meets that criteria will be included.)

If you need some motivation or hype, check out and witness the glory that your personal moment could take.

We have created a new channel on the Sauerworld Discord server for your submitting convenience: #mog-submissions. ( )

So far we have 9 submissions from the old forum section. Lets build that number up.

Refer to for more information on saving demos, formatting, etc.



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