SauerQuiz 13 – Xmas (HARDCORE) Edition

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  1. Acuerta

    I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed collecting tidbits of trivia knowledge about Sauerbraten.

    Sorry if there’s somewhat of a thematic bias towards things from my own sphere, but you know, it’s simply easier to ask questions you personally know the answer(s) to. :)

  2. greenadiss

    Nice quiz! I really love the explanations of the answers, they teach you the history. I am not even ashamed of my 6/10 result! The questions were tricky and really hard. Questions about SWL, the first clan, the cheater and Marc A. Pullen caught me off base! I didnt even know that Marc A. Pullen knew about Sauerbraten :))

  3. notas

    8/10 plus i can point out that there were actually three more turks in sp4nk – melon, ketur and quadic.

    quiz is a lot easier when ur old and several of the questions directly involve you ^^

  4. Timakrov_Gunn


    I’ve yet to see how Suaer-tennis works because the last time I checked, playing with explosive balls leads to ballerina dances in the air.


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