RESULT: SauerDuels #24

Disclaimer: Dear reader, when reading, please be aware that the article below contains personal opinion and maybe also strong language. If you tend towards imbecility, misunderstanding of opinions, or any other disorder that may cause bullshit comments, please close this page. If none of the symptoms mentioned above actually fit, please continue and enjoy. Thanks in advance!

Konnichiwaaaa, everyone! And 2019明けましておめでとう – Happy new year 2019!!
It’s already been a while since I wrote my last report on SauerDuels. After some inactivity issues and lack of motivation, I finally got some time to write AWESOME stuff.

Well, on January 06, we had the SauerDuels iteration numero 24 (yeah, holy fuck) that went very deeply into the annals of the SauerDuels History book: In that history, we’ve never had an insta event to see sooooo many participants; this time 20 players showed up. I just want to say, well done guys! Well, I’m not a dinosaur in the Sauerbraten community, but I’ve never seen so much interest in competition before. I love that!

Just for those who are interested, here are the top 3 most crowded SauerDuels events:

  • #1 SauerDuels n. 22 (effic, 2018/11/11, 29 players total)
  • #2 SauerDuels n. 24 (insta, 2019/01/06, 20 players total)
  • #3 SauerDuels n. 16 (effic, 2018/06/04, 16 players total)

As we can see, the interest is obviously not stagnating. In fact, it’s even increasing in general. I’m really, really happy and excited about that.

Just some tiny side note explaining the tourney-mechanism:
It features a winner and a loser-bracket. Everyone will start in winner-bracket. The player who loses a duel, will be set in loser-bracket. If a player loses a game in the loser-bracket, he’ll be out of the tournament. At the end, the winner of the winner-bracket will fight against the winner of the loser-bracket.

Well, after this boring, not to say gap-filling, introduction, we now come to the thing that you, dear readers, probably want to read the most: The report.
To start with, I personally give away (virtual, sorry ._.) “awards” for stunning performance, big surprise and the probably most memorable game.

We start with stunning performance:
Well, you guys probably expected raffael, but nope, I’ve decided between three others. Just for information, I’ve been fluctuating between Frosty, Achille and Tamin0. In the end, I hereby give the award for most stunning performance(s) to Frosty, because he actually managed to beat enough people to place 3rd in total ranking. Tamin0 for instance, has gotten very strong in my opinion. So I’d also want to mention him at this point. Congratulations! NOW CLAP YOUR HANDS, YOU LAZY FUCKERS, damn!

Secondly, we have the biggest surprise of the tournament:
Actually, that was a really hard decision since I had to watch the entire stream to make decisions, but to be honest, I’m still not sure about the actual laureate. I’ve been thinking about Galaxy, Achille, Zarah and ZCrone. To be brief, I award Achille because he hasn’t been really active in public for some time, but was still able to come very close to the insta title. At this point, I want to hear your thoughts on that.

And last but not least, we have the third and nicest award, the award for the most memorable game:
It didn’t require much research or assessment; With that award, I want to commemmorate the second game of the finals, in which raffael and Achille faced each other and showed a very close game. Actually, it came down to the last second, in which Achille killed raffael, making him win the game by ONE. More on finals down below.

This tournament saw many interesting and thrilling games. I only want to name two of them:

Firstly, Zarah vs Bertolt_Brecht, both sQ (sQuirt Team :P) members, both being strong and rising insta players, showed good skills and a nice game. Brecht won with an end score of 76 72.  The second game was pretty surprising: swatllama and Tengrichan did let us witness a great game on kffa. Even though it was very close in the first half, swat couldn’t manage to keep up with Tengri, leading to a loss for him.

What we haven’t talked about yet, is the final. As I implicitly mentioned before, raffael and Achille (no surprise) were our finalists. Two guys from two top clans… Obviously, it was crystal-clear that we were about to see high-class and thrilling games – and we weren’t disappointed at all. :)

Just for those, who are not aware of that yet: The final is a best of three, means one player needs to win two games in order to get the crown.

The first game took place on map kffa – a very nice map, I might add. I honestly expected the game to become pretty close. Well, fuck you anyway: The game was pretty much the opposite of close: It began with a close score of 0 – 0 and ended with a score of 11598 for raffaello. The second game was played on turbine. Obviously, that game was much closer than the previous one. I’ve already mentioned that the game came down to the last seconds. Achille actually won it with a score of 115116. Great game, guys! After raffael and Achille both won one final game, we needed a fuckin’ tiebreaker to artificially pull out the tournam… Oh shit, I’m thinking out loud again. No, actually, I mean to properly discover the real winner. This time, we got to see duel7 played. The game was over after, let’s say 7 minutes. After it, Achille completely lost his temper while bursting out funny insults such as “i’m sure in real life you suck dicks” xD… No offense to the man, but that was just hilarious!

I think, I don’t have to spell it out for you that raffael won the game making him the supreme champion. One of the side effects of raffael winning the whole thing was Achille finishing 2nd. And Frosty came 3rd. An honorable mention goes out to Shinnok, who was able to place 4th, also a pretty respectable result.

How do you guys feel now? Are you already fed up with my shitty writing and boring explanations? Yes? Good. I’m just asking because you’ll now read some opinions of participants I personally asked. Enjoy!


It was another excited tournament with many participants. I like when more people participate in those tournaments, more people equal more fun and more challenge. Challenge is always accepted as it make you better. The tournament it self didn’t have many surprises but it had one of the best turbine game I have ever seen and personally, I had the chance to feel the sweaty insta games. I watched the turbine game again the next day and I felt the chills again. Can’t wait for the next one.



What was good: pretty much everything though a stream coverage would probably help a lot because notas’ stream was lagging a lot.
What was bad: my aim :D
All in all it was a great tournament. The participants number also rose so that’s another positive. A unified tournament client would increase the quality of the future tournaments in my opinion. Not necessarily an anti-cheat client but one that has restricted options so it cannot be abused.

As we can see, players are very excited about the tournament – as am I. Tengrichan suggested a custom tournament client to increase the quality. What do you guys think about that? Discuss in the comments section below!

Alright, hereby I want to thank all people who participated, who streamed and of course, ran the tournament. It was a very smooth and thrilling experience. In particular, I mean

  • the angry Achille,
  • the brilliant Bertolt_Brecht,
  • the fabulous Fear,
  • the fishy fishcakes,
  • the fair Frosty,
  • the galactic Galaxy,
  • the knowledgeable KenhSix,
  • the kind Krakovic,
  • the lovely lagout,
  • the mannerly maik,
  • the restless raffael,
  • the respectful razvan,
  • the responsible Ren4rd,
  • the superb sensless,
  • the smart Shinnok,
  • the seductive swatllama,
  • the tactical Tamin0,
  • the tough Tengrichan,
  • the zippy Zarah and
  • the zealous ZCrone

Furthermore, big thanks to notas for streaming the games. I always love his stream, personally. (The link can be found in the links section.)

Well, what to say in the end? Right! I hope you guys also enjoyed the tournament and my (hopefully) entertaining article. I always try to do something, that didn’t exist in previous posts – for uniqueness’ sake. Otherwise, they’d get boring really fast. As always, you can give me advice, error corrections, constructive criticism and also a little bit of praise (I need that because “darkfire: you are narcisstic, toph”).

Lastly, I want to wish you a nice week and a great time until next tournament!!!

~ Tophy, commonly known as セバスティアン

~ Links ~

notas’ sextape

number porn right here

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  1. Frosty

    Thanks for the lovely post dude

    I would also like to point out about participation that for each mode, we have reached a record for participation. I don’t know if we’ll get to 29 for effic again, but hopefully close!

  2. greenadiss

    Nice report, I like the style. It was unique, indeed.
    I liked the names you gave the participants, that was funny and pretty close :D
    Keep posting whenever you can!

  3. Agalloch

    Really nice job reviewing the tournament like you did. I really enjoyed reading
    but there is one big BUT
    How could you NOT MENTION the game Frosty vs Shinnok they played – DUEL8?
    This one deserves special block of the text. I really enjoyed that game even some might ting it was boring.

    Good Job Cocky ;)

  4. h8

    same as everyone else, I really enjoyed this article. Probably had more fun reading this than watching 10 min insta games…..

  5. notas

    lots of fun to read, i got two things off the top of my head – i assure u achille is not anymore active in private than public. he works and goes to the club, then if i convince him for insta he comes and warms up 1 or zero days before. also you remembeee the insult well, but achille tried till the last 20 seconds, and it was close till then when he realized he couldn’t get raffael out of the cave.

    hopefully all were entertained by his abysmal sportsmanship :-)

    tamino, didn’t realize my stream was laggy, kinda surprised cuz i don’t remember dropping many frames? did other people not say anything? oh maybe i didn’t have quality options and it was too much for ur connect


    1. raffael

      I am sure people don’t mind too much. Luckily, and sadly Achille was rarely the best example of good sportsmanship.

      1. raffael

        That was my own clanmate. :P
        At least I said gg and didn’t insult anyone. :D

        And people leave discord when someone messes with their permissions all the time. You are experienced at leaving discord servers, you should know that :P

    2. Tophy

      Hi, first of all, thanks for your constructive criticism.
      On the first thing you’ve mentioned: I didn’t say Achille is active in private, I’ve only said, he doesn’t really play publicly. I know that there are private servers out there, so maybe he played there. I can’t know that. So I avoided content errors by not claiming anything, that might not be correct.

      On the second thing, I need to admit, that I disagree. For me, it looked like he was starting to feel nervous or kinda disappointed. As I said in the disclaimer, I can only speak for myself. But of course, everyone can have their own opinion, I’m not trying to force mine onto you.

      Still, thanks for reading my post and also thanks for the criticism. Peace out, friend. <3

  6. Liugam

    I’m also in favor of having a tournament client, so we can finally fix those spawns..

    1. Frosty

      Although modifying game mechanics such as spawns would be great, forcing people to use a custom client is not a viable option right now. However with HB, we were able to use server-side only modifications instead which are now used in competitive play and have spread across most sauer servers.


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