PSL Classics – Ace vs Majikal – FFA Final January 2010

Let’s turn back the clocks to the year 2010 .. or even 2009!

The two w00p superstars tenshi and Majikal were comfortably taking turns collecting one FFA grandchampion title after the other,  winning 11 out of 11 ffa competitions in 2009.

With tenshi being blocked, Majikal started his reign anew in November 2009 by beating his clanmate Drakas. In December, Honzik1 tried his luck against the w00p player, but to no avail either.

In January 2010, however, a new contestant would make his grand entrance to the FFA stage, challenging the seemingly eternal w00p reign over FFA. |DM|Ace.

As the reigning champion, Majikal was allowed to pick the first map. In a thrilling match on ‘shadowed‘, Majikal kept the upper hand and won against his contender Ace 19-16.

Ace‘s pick phosgene saw a very different outcome, though. 38-13 in favour of the |DM| player was the final score, which meant the spectators would get to watch another 10 more minutes of this enthralling matchup. Majikal decided that ‘hades’ would have to serve as the tiebreaker. You wanna know how it ended? Just watch!


  1. Acuerta

    Texreduce allows for much better compression, i.e. higher quality.

    Also, the focus of this is to show the game from a player’s perspective and not some textures from 1832, and no competitive player plays without texreduce.

    To conclude: learn to live with it :)

    1. Acuerta

      1) Maybe that’s why raffael beat you. :)

      2) Educate yourself before you wreck yourself!

      It’s not about fps, but the fact that youtube compression butchers textures anyway, and that texreduce 12 vastly reduces the file size for me.

      3) If le noob resistance is this big I’ll use texreduce 0 again next time. It’s the wrong decision but it’s better than having to deal with 20 Suicizer-esque comments every single time.

      1. notas

        I could go either way on this one, ultimately i think it really doesn’t matter. There are all kinds of quake streams and videos, some showcasing the best graphics a revamped game from 1999 can provide and some picmipped into a depth perception hating soup. If Acuerta wants to go for better compression and convenience for his sauer upload it far from ruins the video, and will probably not make or break anyone’s decision to play/watch more sauer.

  2. vonquiche

    no idea why people are debating about textures (or the lack of them in this case), just enjoy the content for what it is



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