OMTS Insta team 2v2 tournament

The following text is written by Eleisa

The second Off-Meta Tournament Series event is here! Insta team 2v2

When: 22nd of August, 6PM CEST

Format: Double elimination, top bracket is best of 3, losers bracket is best of 1. In winner’s bracket, the higher seed picks, then the lower seed picks, and then the third map is chosen by vetoing the maps that weren’t played yet. Lower seed vetos first. In the loser’s bracket, the map is chosen by veto, as well. The finals are best of 5 and the winner’s bracket player has a 1 point advantage. The player from the loser’s bracket player picks the first map.

Map pool: cavefire, dock, duel8, industry, metl3, park, refuge


Sign up by DMing Adlehyde#2624 on Discord and joining the OMTS server:

(message from swatllama) don’t forget to sign up for teamplay this weekend!

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