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Hey again, so I got a very positive response about SauerLeague, so I’m pleased to announce that SauerLeague will be back at least one more time. There were over 40+ positive votes and many more comments, I hope that these are not empty acts and you will actually play or at least spectate! The games will take place next Sunday and the following Sunday (Oct 2nd, 9th). I will do an effic 1v1 on the 2nd, and eCTF 3v3 on the 9th.

I haven’t decided on the rules yet, but there has been demand for a “noob tournament” so if there are enough players interested I will help organize that too. If most of the noob players would prefer to play the insta mode, I can make that happen. If you plan to participate, please tell me in some way so that I can prepare accordingly. I’m tired of being bothered to play with mix teams, so this time you can go ahead and do it. If your going to play with a mixed team, you must tell me well before the games start, I have no tolerance for guys scrambling to find mates 20 minutes after trying to start.

Both events will start at 5:30 PM (CEST), 11:30 AM (EDT). If you don’t know what this means try using or ask me.

You can see all of the challonge brackets here:




If you have any questions, concerns, feedback you can tell me here or I’ll be on IRC.


  1. Adelaide

    Hi Frosty,
    Thanks for setting this up! Unfortunately I probably won’t be available at either of the times, so I might not participate :(

  2. Sweeper

    Haha this is great… Do you really expect people to come? Shouldnt waste your time with it. I actually tried to count the good players who left during the last years and came to a number around 50. The competitive scene in this game died 5 years ago or so. Even clans like !s, rC and so on are nothing more than the leftover material of former clans + some newbies. I wish you good luck but honestly believe that it will just end like your last attempt to run a tournament. You would need at least 20 capable players and 3-4 clans more in order to run at least a half decent tournament. Then again you only need 3 guys for the team modes, so why dont you split the 3 or so active clans into small units and found new teams this way? The idea of having a 3 man clan + the addition of 2-3 newbies that can be trained in order to revive the competition doesnt sound too bad for me.

    1. Honzik1

      “Do you really expect people to come? ”
      Why not? If you play only games with thousands of players online everyday, then you have chosed wrong game. To have fun I need just 1 opponent or 3 opponents and 2 teammates on just 1 server and I dont care if there are 10000 players online or 50 players online around. I dont play games because they are popular, I play games where I have fun. If you are unhappy with Sauer activity then dont complain and do something for it, play tournament.

  3. miu

    Though I am a noob, I wouldn’t like to participate somewhere where I was labeled as the one. You could make a better name %)

  4. Rexus

    “Noobs” league… Wtf man :p I’m glad you’re putting in the effort for another competition though. Gives us all a chance to have some real fun playing under some kind of pressure and making those frags all the more important and special.

  5. va|DeathStar


    We are an active fragging/mapping clan and see that other clans are active as well. This tournament would be awesome! I miss PSL Sauerleague and even Ogros. Bring it back and I’ll make sure my clan is there. Hopefully we can get some other clans on as well, rC, !s] and DK are on a good amount and a lot of other clans as well.

    Hope this happens!

  6. h8

    I’m too noob to even compete in the noob tournament but I’d definitely spectate. Effort is much appreciated!


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