Summer Tourneys by Frosty

Since there is a lack of tourneys lately, I’ll host some events over the summer (sponsored by hadis)

Let me know if you want to be signed up, or feel free to register yourself on challonge

Map pools are still open to negotiation

Insta 1v1

When: July 10th, 6pm CEST (Sunday)

Teams: All players welcome, 12 players minimum

Pool: carbide douze frozen haze janela turbine ot


iCTF 3v3

When: July 24th, 6pm CEST (Sunday)

Teams: All teams welcome, 6 teams minimum

Pool: breakout forge haste luna rust twinforts tubes


eCTF 3v3

When: August 14th, 6pm CEST (Sunday)

Teams: Invite-only, 4 teams minimum

Pool: collide enigma forge haste luna redemption reissen


FFA 1v1

When: August 28th, 6pm CEST (Sunday)

Teams: All players welcome, 8 players minimum

Pool: conflict corruption hades headroom purgatory sauerowalk toxicity



    1. Master

      I’m missing hator or crytpa.
      I dislike aerowalk and I think there should be one more pre-2020 map.
      crypta corruption hades headroom purgatory paradigm toxicity is my proposal.
      A metl map could also replace paradigm’s spot.

      But, I’d propose a 5-map pool which would result in a more competitive environment.
      crypta corruption hades toxicity and headroom would be my 5-map proposal.

      1. notas

        i think the pool is pretty good – re: your comments, sauerowalk grew on me a bit and more importantly is a neutral map that most people like. I’m not sure hator is actually that good and crypta is fine but i feel like it’s been in every ffa or teamplay tourney other than OMTS for the last 2 years (correct me if I’m wrong). Paradigm is a bit of an odd suggestion to me – 32 duels on it total in the last 2 years, and I personally remember it more as a desperation addition to the SauerDuels pool when there were like 5 good maps in the entire game.

        Anyway, replace all 7 maps with nmp8.

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