Dear Captain Cannon #4

Hello Sauerworld,  Captain Cannon here to answer some more questions from our readers. This week I’ve taken two questions – one regarding fish and the other about the status of sauerbraten in 2015.  Let’s see if I can be of any help.

Dear Cpt. Cannon!

How much is the fish?




Dear Bla,

How much is the fish? Well let’s see. According to my sources fish consumption is on the rise in Germany, and so too are the prices. Per capita consumption was 15.7 kilograms (based on catch weight) in 2010, compared to 11 kg in the 1980s, and is expected to exceed 16 kg next year, according to the German Fish Information Center.

And there are so many types of fish! You’ve got salmon, tuna, mackerel, flounder. There’s herring, pollock, trout and haddock. What mouthwatering delights, I say! The only other seafood that’s not on this list that is just to die for is squid. Mmm mmm mamma! Poor little inky doesn’t know what’s coming before it’s lights out, on a fork and in my mouth. Succulent! Hmm, speaking of Inky, I wonder how my old pal is doing these days? Somebody aught to pick him as a player model for a change, I’m afraid he might be a little depressed and could use a little cheering up.

With that said I don’t really care about this price of fish and neither do you. I’m sure you were really just waiting for me to say:

I want you back for the rhythm attack
Coming down on the floor like a maniac
I want you back, so clean up the dish
By the way, how much is the fish?
How much is the fish?


Captain Cannon

Dear Cpt. Cannon!

Hello dude, i have pretty serious question. What do you expect from sauer in year 2015? WIll it be worse or not? Do we lose more ppl or not?




Dear Agalloch,

Thanks for the question, it’s nice to know that not everyone is just interested in the price of fish. Unfortunately I don’t own a crystal ball and can’t predict the ultimate future of sauerbraten, but can offer some insight. On a daily basis I see people who are tying to positively contribute what they can to make the sauer community better and the game more enjoyable. But I also see a poison that courses through the veins of both which, similar to some deadly diseases, is easy to detect but not so easy to cure. It is this disease, transmitted by those who choose not to care, that will eventually be the downfall of sauerbraten.

But that day is not today! Thankfully there are still many unaffected people who carry an antidote able to cure the game by curing those affected with the disease. And although this may help on the surface we also need to dig deeper by reaching out to those who have not yet been poisoned while there’s still time. This is something that everyone should be capable of by simply being kind to one another. Stop the hate. Stop the harassment. If you want to help sauer have a successful and healthy 2015 the solution is simple: don’t be a total dorknut! And although Im sure we will lose some good people in the coming year, let’s do our best to not alienate new players and give them a reason to want to stay, play and be a positive member of the community for the many years ahead.


Captain Cannon


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