Q&A #18 – What equipment do you have for gaming? How much did it cost?

It’s time for another edition of Q&A! Good computer equipment is very important when playing a game like sauerbraten, so in this edition of Q&A we asked a group of players about the equipment they use, and how much it all cost. Also if you’re interested, you can use a currency converter here.

<hades> Well to start off, i have a logitech g400s mouse which costed me about $60. I have a 23″ monitor which i got for free, not sure how much it costed originally. I have a logitech g240 mousepad speed edition which costed only $20. I have a logitech headset which i paid $80 for. I’ll just use the main parts, so nvidia geforce 750ti which costed roughly $130. I have an intel i3 processor which costed $120 since i got it after i5 and i7 was released. Estimated price would be $800-900.

<swatllama> $40 Roccat Kova + (mouse), $60 Razer USB headset ($15 I paid, I had $45 gift card), $350 Viewsonic screen (business expense mofos), $1500 computer (business expense mofos), $13 30cm width mousepad.

<px> I use very non-gaming hardware: simple i5 ultrabook, the integrated intel GPU, iiyama XB2783HSU-B1, cheap logitech m500 mouse, cherry G83-6105. I’m too cheap for a mouse pad or anything fancy like cable management shit. I do have nice headphones though, sony mdr-7506, but since I use my built-in mic, people have to deal with that in mumble. Prices are: 950€ (ultrabook) + 240€ (display) + 21€ (mouse) + 35€ (keyboard) + 100€ (headphones). I didn’t buy any of it specifically for gaming though.

<Vanquish> mouse is a logitech g400s (£35), keyboard is steelseries 6gv2 (£90), mousepad is an icemat (£35), headset is a steelseries siberia v2 (£105), monitor is an iiyama gb2488hsu @ 144hz (£230), and I have a gaming PC which is like 3 years old, and cost me about £1000 gbp back then, probably worth about £650 or smth now. i also have thirteen other mice in my drawer but there’s probably not a point in mentioning them since i haven’t switched from my g400s in about a year.

<Jawer> I was mostly keeping my equipment cheap so i bought a sharkoon keyboard for 12euros, a benq monitor  24″ for about 140euros, a self built pc for apros 550euros and a brandnew logitech g302 mouse  for 44euros which makes like 746 euros in total. the keyboard might have been 20 tho, not sure. and i forgot my headset. it’s the classical creative fatality for about 35 eur here in germany

Thanks for reading, now tell us what equipment you use by commenting below!


  1. Vex

    I love GX Gaming and AMD.

    My specs

    Mouse – GX Gaming Marus X (about 5000 DPI)
    Keyboard – GX Gaming Imperator Pro
    Headset – Zabius
    Mousepad – X7 Gaming Speed Edition

    1. Vex

      Oh yea forgot the prices

      Mouse – about 50-60$
      Keyboard – about 120$
      Headset – about 100$
      Mousepad – about 15$

      1. Vanquish

        AMD is better than nvidia for fps gaming, nvidia adds one frame (16~ish ms) of artificial input lag to combat microstuttering in title games on their newer cards. Anything from the 700 series and above will have extra lag compared to AMD, unless you find a way to use the old legacy drivers.

        if you remove all GPU scaling options via the driver, AMD will provide the lowest latency, although some games will suffer from stuttering (case in point: my beloved skyrim). 16ms display lag might be negligible for some people, in which case i’d probably agree that nvidia’s cards are better since their drivers are less hassle and their cards consume less power. But let’s wait for the R9-390 series before we rule amd out completely. :p

        however, in terms of CPUs, there’s not really any good reason to use AMD over intel. The benefits of the higher clock speeds that AMD CPUs typically come with are negated by their use of inferior architecture.

      2. Vanquish

        Yes I’m aware this post means I semi-agree with jumper on something. I feel ashamed.

      3. swatllama

        I actually do hate this 750 compared to my 560, could have something tod o with what you said.

        Intel vs AMD

    1. notas

      no disrespect but i highly advise against this if you ever want to hear detailed positional information

  2. notas

    OS: Win 8.1
    CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965
    MOBO: ASRock 990FX Extreme3
    GFX: GeForce GTX 560 Ti (EVGA)

    Cost me about 1200 iirc, inc case PSU and such, back in 2011 or so. Hard to call it exclusively a gaming expense though.

    Mouse: Razer Deathadder 2013 -$ 60
    Mousepad: Goliathus Speed, large – $30?
    Keyboard: CM Storm Quickfire Rapid – google says more but i only remember spending like 60 bucks
    Sound: Pair of senheisers and a 1 dollar mic – were free, was using my ATH M50s before which weren’t really for gaming.
    Monitor: Asus VG248 – bought it refurbished for like $200, worth every penny

    I’ve had other pads and mice, so there’s been more money spent over the years. But i think it’s worth noting that this hobby absolutely can be cheap as free: most of my sauer ‘career’ i played with a CRT from my basement, an apple keyboard, a 15 dollar mousepad and a g500 a friend gave me, on a 2008 macbook. Definitely playable.

  3. Suicizer

    Interesting that no one actually states about his chair while having the right position to play is just as important…

    1. Suicizer

      If that’s your most comfortable way to play then why don’t you calculate your bed =P?

  4. Narwhaal

    Mouse: Logitech G700s (~$80 new)
    Mousepad: SteelSeries QCK; SC2 – Marauder (~$20 but I got it with SC2)
    Keyboard: SteelSeries Apex Raw (~$60 new)
    Headset: Skullcandy PLYR 1 (~$150 new, replaced Steelseries H)
    CPU: Intel i5-2500 @ 3.30ghz (~$200 new)
    GPU: MSI Radeon R6850 Cyclone (~$200 new)
    HDD: some WD shit, cost me like $100 for 2tb

  5. Gertie

    The Athlon 64 x2 is truly a high quality processor that finds itself wearing a lower price tag
    because it is being rapidly replaced by quad core CPUs. The keys are all extremely tiny,
    including the delete and return keys, although the left shift
    key and the space bar are of reasonable size.
    Usually a removable memory card is used.


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