Vote for the Future of SauerDuels

This is a message by Frosty, the SauerDuels tournament organiser:

“After this next tourney, I need to consider the future of hosting tourneys and running SauerDuels, as I am now in school, I don’t have as much time anymore, although I can still try. But with the seemingly decreasing interest in participation, I need to make a decision on how to proceed, whether to continue, take a break from, or shutdown altogether. So I would like a little validation, I request at least 50 players to come forward to me in the form of a simple pm, or a line in #lobby , saying that you want me to continue hosting tourneys. It only takes a minute, and it shows me that you would care, I want this to be worth my time. If you can reach this amount, I will continue hosting tourneys for the forseeable future (any kind of tourney, not just a duel). Any feedback is welcome.”

If you want to see high-level competitive Sauerbraten in the future, let him know that the work is being appreciated.

Or even better, sign up for the next tournaments! (Event schedules and info is on the right)

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