Tournament next Sunday – eCTF 3v3 – September 30th

There is an upcoming 3v3 eCTF tournament! Save the date & time: September 30th, Sunday – 18:00 (CEST).

Mixed teams are allowed but you should try to get your clan to participate.

Sign up on the link below. Also, feel free to message me on Discord if you need help or more details.

Map pool:

  • abbey
  • forge
  • haste
  • mercury
  • redemption
  • reissen
  • twinforts


All events will use a traditional double-elimination format. This means that the participants will be seeded in a bracket based on ELO, and play through the bracket until they are eliminated. All matches will be a best of 3.

Info: eCTF 3v3 – September 30th, 6:00 PM (CEST) || Bracket



  1. hamon

    thx for the next teamevent but i miss some chanegs in the mappool alway sthe same seven maps i would also enjoy other maps from sauerbraten or custommaps…

    1. hamon

      bad_moon( yeha i know alot of clan suck on it:-P), turbulence, catch 22, mbt4 ,… i don’t know just some other maps. Maybe there should be a bigger mappool which rotate everytime, not always the same overplayed seven maps. And the custom mappack shouldn’t be a problem. The announcements are mostly more than a week before a tournament begins. So it shouldn’t be a problem to download the mappack within 7 days.


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