eCTF 3v3 tournament – December 2nd – 3 x 20€ Gift

There is an upcoming 3v3 eCTF tournament! Save the date & time: December 2nd, Sunday – 18:00 (CET).

To continue in the spirit of last two duel tourneys (effic, ffa) we will give out a prize for the winner: 3 x 20€ gifts! The clue about it is that it’s not the winner who gets it ALL, but that it will be raffled among all participants as well! One 20€ gift will be raffled among winning team and remaining 2 x 20€ will be raffled among all other participants.

Mixed teams are allowed but you should try to get your clan to participate.

Sign up on the link below. Also, feel free to message me on Discord if you need help or more details.

Participants must have the Sauerworld Map Pack.

Map pool:

  • abbey
  • forge
  • haste
  • mercury
  • Pandora
  • reissen
  • redemption


The event is a traditional double-elimination format. This means that the participants will be seeded in a bracket based on previous results and all vs all seed match if needed, and play through the bracket until they are eliminated. Matches in winners bracket are best of 3 and matches at losers bracket are best of 1.

Note: winners bracket finalist has to be defeated twice by the losers bracket finalist.

First two teams from last tourney will have first two seeds, other teams will play all vs all for remaining seeds.




When: December 2nd, 6:00 PM (CET)


Sign Up:

Map pack: Download

Prizes: 3 x 20€ gifts


  1. Frosty

    You chose to remove redemption instead of abbey, mercury, haste, or twinforts?

    Highly questionable


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