SVN Tourneys

Hi all, it’s coming close to release time, and that means we need to do some final playtesting. To accomplish that, I’m going to try to run casual effic, FFA and eCTF tourneys this Sunday (3/15), next Sunday (3/22), and maybe the Sunday after that, however I can swing it. These will be on the SVN version of the game.

You will need the spawn client: win32 win64 src

Install the same way you would install any custom client, but make sure you change the new .bat to point to the config folder you want. Do not rename anything.

Because the goal of this is playtesting as much as competition, I’m going to go with whatever format is most time efficient for the given day, mode and list of participants. So you may see single elimination, for example. The map pools are a mix of old and new maps, and there may be rules to incentivize getting the largest possible variety of maps played. If you don’t get time to learn a new map, the tourney is a great time to start. The tourneys will take place around the usual SD timeslot of 6 CET, exact time TBD.

The SauerDuels referee team will be helping with administration.

I need everyone who is willing and able to play to message me (this is notas) on discord with your availability, from there I can look over the pool of participants and decide which modes should be on which days, etc. I know this is pretty short notice, but I really appreciate any help I can get in terms of players here.

If you don’t have SVN, try following my tutorial here:


FFA – purgatory, headroom, conflict, corruption, nmp8, hades, metl4

effic – haze (download), legacy, turbine, ot, memento, frozen, academy

eCTF – luna, enigma, breakout, disruption, collide, forge, reissen, redemption, haste – I am probably going to narrow this down to 7 based on popular opinion


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