SVN Tourneys Weekend #2

First of all, thanks to everyone who played in last Sunday’s effic games, and congrats to our podium of #1 starch #2 Rexus and #3 lagout. GGS!

This Sunday will probably be eCTF, assuming I can get at least 5 teams; otherwise it will be FFA. If you are a clan that wants to participate, please have a representative message me (notas) on discord confirming this and the number of teams, if more than one, you can field. Mix teams are welcome. As a reminder, YOU WILL NEED TO BE USING THE CORRECT CLIENT – I am not uploading the new version yet in case it gets merged with SVN, but will update this post when I know. If /dbgspawns 1 causes you to see pretty colors where the playerstarts are, you did it right, otherwise, you failed.

Th eCTF pool is luna, enigma, breakout, collide, forge, reissen, redemption. The format will most likely be the old SL format of double elimination, with WB matches being bo3 (pick pick veto) and LB matches being bo1 (veto out pool). Unlike SL however, I will probably use the random 5 map selection per game feature.

FFA players who want to update me on their availability for Sunday the 29th should also let me know.


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