SDoS Test Client

This weekend, everyone who signed up for the SDoS email list has received a message concerning the recent release of a Sauerbraten test client by pisto.

It will serve as a base for future anticheat clients. 

The following is an excerpt from mefisto’s email.

Pisto has made some substantial changes to the base Sauerbraten client that will be the foundation for our anti-cheat client. 
We want to make sure that everything works with these changes, so that the anti-cheat client will work smoothly on the day of the tournament.

What was changed? The biggest single change is the update of the SDL library, which is the basic sound, graphics, and input library that Sauerbraten uses. 
The official Sauerbraten client uses SDL version 1.2. The new anti-cheat client is built on top of SDL version 2.

This newer version of SDL will let us build even better anti-cheat features, and also provides some overall performance and feature advantages over SDL 1.2 to make the client experience better for you as players too.

We are asking you, the SDoS player base, to help test this new client.

This is a special, base version of the client. It is 100% open source. No anti cheat features are included in this version.

Download Here:

Builds are available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. The source code is also available here. Please read the instructions on this page explaining what to test for and how to report your test experiences.

For any feedback on the test, you can either email:

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