SauerCom eCTF Invitational Cup

It’s winter, people have long lost their hopes of rays of sun slowly creeping into their basement.

Right, it’s the perfect time for some Sauer action!
Prepare yourselves for the SauerCom eCTF 3v3 Invitational Cup


For security reasons we’re gonna have to introduce a new tournament format here.
We will handpick the most active and trustworthy clans and invite them to our tournament.
The eCTF cup will have 8 slots for 8 different clans.

“How is this gonna go down?”

Ok, first of all, we’re going to invite 8 clans.
Then we’ll mutually try to find agreeable terms as far as date & time are concerned.
Stay up-to-date. Join #sauercom on!


  1. Acuerta

    You&#39;re welcome to host your own tournament.<br />You&#39;re also welcome to read more thoroughly.<br />&quot;For security reasons we&#39;re gonna have to introduce a new tournament format here.&quot;

  2. Anonymous

    Seriously go fuck yourself whoever, this isn&#39;t intended to be the all-inclusive be all end all determination of who the best clan in sauer is, its just a fun tournament we&#39;re putting together between friends because at the moment this community is so under attack that there&#39;s no other viable way to enjoy it. If you miss the days of open signups and grandiose monthly tourneys, blame


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