SauerCom eCTF Cup – The Aftermath

Today SauerCom explored new horizons.

The plan was simple:

Invite the most active clans, listen to their opinions on how to run the cup and actually involve them in running the matches in a more decentralized and independent manner.

Et voilĂ : Sauer had its first team tournament since approximately 1 year!
First off, thanks to everyone for participating and helping, particularly to pisto & mefisto for their server solutions.
The servers stood their ground, even under attack. (yes we got attacked again but who would’ve noticed?)

Also, it just cannot be stressed often enough how civilized everything went down.
The players all started their own matches, mostly without any admin supervision at all, yet we didn’t receive a single complaint about abusive behaviour or any other problems.
Way to go, folks!

The Games
8 teams, ~30 players, 15 encounters, ~35 matches, 5 hours of intense gaming.
In the end, it was rC, who marched through the winner bracket without a dent in their record, against !s, who were previously kicked out of the winner bracket by the aforementioned ‘Rising Cubers‘ but pulled through the loser bracket to face the newcomers of rC anew in the grandfinal.
After two exciting matches on forge (screen) and reissen (screen), the ‘Rising Cubers‘, led by Vanquish and accompanied by Joran & Acuerta, emerged victorious, sending the ‘impressive Squad‘ (Potato, Agalloch, Milch-Mann) to the 2nd place.
The full bracket:

Unfortunately, the hopmod server failed to record any demos, so we’d be very thankful for anyone who can send client-demos in, especially from the finals.

The Future

Many of you have asked us if we’re going to host more SauerCom Cups in the future.
The truth is, we don’t know but the odds suggest it.

Most of us are also involved with the SDoS project, a more professional approach to a league.
Due to this we’ll mostly try to shift our focus back to that league now and try to offer a tournament where anyone can participate.

Looking back at how well everything worked out with the SauerCom Cup I am more than confident that we can soon expect more professional league action on the part of SDoS.

However, that does definitely not mean that this was a one-time thing!

We’ll probably be back with another edition of the cup – maybe with a different mode, different format – who knows, we’ll definitely let you know though.

Feel free to tell us what you liked and what you liked .. not so much. :) Comments are appreciated!


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