RESULT: SauerDuels #21

Attention: This article may contain offensive phrases, that shouldn’t be taken serious; all of these have entertainment (and maybe educational) purposes.
Also, in no event will me be held liable for any damages arising from the reading of this text.

Well, summer’s pretty much over, leaves are falling down from the trees, everything’s beautiful BUT I’m sick rn so I thought of writing up a new, and fresh post about the latest SauerDuels event. Fotzty said that the interest in participation is seemingly decreasing… FUK U – On Sunday we had fukin 14 players trying to hammer each other’s heads; that’s actually one of the most crowded tournament in SauerDuels history. Kinda fascinating that even after almost one year that resonance is still not broken at all.

To be brief, I won’t name all participants here, that’s way too much and nobody will remember all names anyway.
Unfortunately, notas didn’t stream the fights which means that I can’t break down everything for you (Honestly, I won’t even do that crap if I could, I’ve got a life, fukign shit).

Since I didn’t see many of the group games, I can’t tell much about them. Just that we had two groups with approximately 7 people (14 / 2 = 7 I think, wait let me get my calculator…) per group. I’m only aware of two memorable things which happened: I found what Zarah played really good. I mean REALLY good – reking bch! I gotta leave credits for that… The other thing was a funny, but a silly act of “trying to save the tournament” by DarkFire and Jawer. As far as I know, Darky didn’t want to play the rest of his games so he found Jawer replacing him using Darky’s name. Frosty didn’t like that so he banned DarkFire and Jawer for half a year from all events which are hosted by SauerDuels staff, including team games.

Briefly, four people advanced to the final stage: Group one emitted raffael and Partizan, plus Gangler and starch falling out of Group two. Remember that semifinal and final stage games are all best of three; adding, that the player, who has won all of his group stage games gets an advantage of one win against his (semifinal-)enemy.

Raffael and starch faced first; only one game was played to find out the dominator: It was raffa with a result of 132 – 127 on turbine. Good Game! (Also gg to starch who’s probably still in his rage-corner). Gangler the legend and Partizan took their weapons to produce a real firework of insta duel that finally led to a Gangler-win of 101 – 95. Gr8!
The game of third position was performed by Partizan and starch… or not. It looks like that starch forfeited or just didn’t appear making Partizan finishing 3rd.

The final stage was a great and entertaining half-hour: Gangler and raffael fought bravely but in the end, only one player can be 1st: It appeared that Gangler won raffael in two close and thrilling fights which is pretty impressive. Congratulations to Gangler first 1st and raffael for his first vice-championship in SauerDuels-Insta.  : )

Also, thanks to all who spent the time to watch the games, and of course, thanks to those who were interested enough to read this post to the end.
I like it very much that some people (Frosty, Lokio, nyamms, Origin, and raffael) try to blow life into sauer’s tiny community. These events are always an outcome since many players show up and show their skills.

As always, please come towards me and tell me your dear opinion on what do you think about my comments like “What is good” and “What could be improved”. It’d mean very much to me since I try to make these articles more often. Giving feedback helps me to change the style of the writings because nobody likes to read monotone and always-the-same-shit texts. Thanks in advance and have a good time! <3

If you want to get detailed information about every result (bracket), please click here.


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