Records section brush up!

Yo ho ho and a bottle of whisky! WAIT WHAT??? Oh right: Thanks to !s]Bourbon, our records section is finally up to date again!

If you haven’t noticed: lists various records of sauer players. We also decided to throw mixes and clanwars into one section, so you still have the chance to claim your record, even in these clanwar less times!

Please keep posting your records here:

(but be aware of the rules)



  1. Bourbon

    Don’t be shy to post some more records People, (except Jumper)!
    Especially for the new Category ECTF Public and FFA are new Records needed!

    Happy fragging and Good luck!

    1. Jumpy

      soooo dum. will you ever learn to play to understand that there is nothing specific in my gameplay?

  2. Honzik1

    How about datamine sauertracker to show records? I think you can find that all of your records are already beaten there.


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