Rating Plugin and Restructured Sidebar – Tales from the Blog Janitor

First off, we have recently added a rating plugin.

From now on you are able to upvote content that you like and downvote content that you dislike. The same applies to comments!

This is just an additional way for you readers to interact with us and one another. Please don’t abuse it or take it too seriously though.

After all, it’s just green and red arrows!

Secondly, the right sidebar fell victim to our blog janitor, too!

It now includes upcoming events, shows you our most popular post categoriesĀ (e.g. hit “Moments of Glory” and you will see every post related to our MoG series) and gives you a quick glimpse of the adjusted statsĀ (bot hits excluded)!

Have fun and tune in later for the Moments of Glory #7 video!

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