Q&A #13 – What kind of playermodel are you using and why?

Alright folks, today we bring you the lucky number 13. For this 13th edition of Q&A we asked a select group of players in the community about their thoughts the playermodels they use. What were their answers? Find out below!

<jawer> I was using Iron Snouts for a very long time now and never thought about changing something about that. They used to be green in single games and blue for teammates + red for enemies like the default settings with the exception of full added brightness and forced playermodels for everyone, so i see only snouts. I changed to light yellow upper and red legs some months ago and i like it that way. I also fixed teamskins so i have no more differences in teammodes and duels. To the question why i use the Iron Snout, I’d say that it’s just a habit i don’t want to give up on. I think the inky model is irritating your aim with all the details, e.g. you’re not able to kill someone when you hit their wings as far as i know so i wouldn’t encourage anybody to pick that but everybody should know best for her/himself.

<neon> Well, i am using ironsnout in a glowing red (teammates ironsnout /glowing blue), because i can see enemies fast on every map (no map has glowing red textures) and idk i always used the ironsnout, i am used to play with it. I used to play some time with the ogro playermodel aswell, but lets be honest ogro is just to small to aim good on it. I would never use a color which isnt glowing or has neoncolours, its just way better for fast realizing the enemie and yeah, did i missed something?

<Markku> I prefer the Neon Yellow ironsnout, since (in my opinion) it’s the easiest playermodel to see in almost every map and I feel like it has the better hitbox. I’d discourage the green coloured one ’cause it gets too easily confused with map’s textures.

<Viper> Right now I’m using Ironsnout, the default one (overbright option on). Before I used the custom skin from ogros.org, default colours: red for enemy, blue for bruhs. I haven’t used any other colours, so can’t really give advice on that, but I do absolutely recommend to use the option “always use team skins”: a lot easier to see your enemies in non-team-modes.

<Redon> snout is love, snout is life

Well it appears that the ironsnout is the unanimous choice. There are so many custom skins for the snout, perhaps there should be custom skins for other models. Drop a comment about your playermodel stories below!


  1. Suicizer

    Using old ironsnout till I die.

    No I’m just kidding. I’m using snoutx10k since a few years also now (but without any brightskins; that’s for people who don’t have enough skill to actually aim).

  2. TheLove

    What: Ogro
    Why: i think because Kabuza (brother of Luffy and Achille if you didn’t know) was using it with bright neon skin, i liked it, no details just bright fat neon ogros even that hitbox doesn’t effect the player model i felt like i improved back in the time, 2-3 years ago, since then i kept using it but i enjoy shooting ironsnoutx lately. maybe i’m one of the very few players using the ogro.. well.. some players recognize me from distance cuz my ogro ( o/ swat + obst ) in-games so i would probably have to change it back to ironsnoutx :S

  3. swatllama

    I actually used to use the ironsnout. I SWITCHED from the snout to ogro. Why? The hands are not as obstructive. The taunt animation for the ogro is so fucking sexy. My penis feels things it never has before when I see the taunt animation of the ogro. It feels exactly like drinking the coldest german beer, as all ogros do – that’s how we get our bulbous bellies.

  4. Terminator

    I use Inky.
    I can aim at it (due to “force watching playermodel” option) easily.
    Also, I got bored of the same model, snout, although I still using it and sometimes Ogro when I feel like it.

      1. Terminator

        Shit, I didn´t notice that fail.
        I can´t do anything but bursting out laughing, what a stupid fail xD
        I guess that now I can kill you all with my eyesight.

  5. Vanquish

    Mr Fixits, easiest to predict the movement. On my old 60hz shitty monitor, ironsnouts had too much motion blur to be able to be hit properly. I got a 144hz monitor a week ago or something and might try ironsnouts again, since I heard their playermodel radius matches the hitbox more accurately.

    Inkys are arguably even easier to predict than fixits imo, however the wings don’t count as part of the hitbox and so I’d never recommend them.

      1. Vanquish

        no idea and also I don’t give a shit, the difference was night and day for me on my bad monitor, kinda lessened on my laptop although I still felt like some shots went through ironsnouts, which then didn’t happen with fixits. I was never really “good” at this game but during the times when I was at least pretty acceptable (like a year ago or something) I was using mr fixits. snouts just made me rage.

        haven’t tried with new pc/monitor yet, so idk if motion blur will be a problem anymore (its not in games like quake so here’s hoping sauer becomes playable for me too)

      1. vzzec

        No, i stopped but that doesnt mean that i cant post stuff here. Btw you owe me your first born child. I recomment to sacrifice it as soon as possible.

  6. Regulator

    Am I the only one who stayed with the base ‘whatever people pick’ option? I didn’t even know you could change the opposing teams skins, and I have been playing for years and years.


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