Poll: What is your preferred ectf map

In the last poll we asked what value you have your field of view (FOV) set to? Personally I am surprised at how diverse the answer turned out to be. It’s not surprising that a huge 57% of the votes went to a setting between 101 and 120, but what is surprising is that 13% of you said you kept the default setting!

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What value do you have your field of view (FOV) set to?

  • 101-110 (33%)
  • 111-120 (24%)
  • Whatever the default is, I've never changed it. (13%)
  • 121-130 (13%)
  • 91-100 (8%)
  • 131-140 (3%)
  • 81-90 (2%)
  • What the heck is FOV? (2%)
  • 70-80 (1%)
  • 141-150 (1%)
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For the new poll we wanted to ask a rather specific question, one that will be very helpful for a future tournament that might be coming our way very soon. (I promised I wouldn’t spill the beans just yet, but we hope you can shed some light on the topic). And without further ado, here’s the question:

From the following choices, what map do you prefer for 3vs3 ectf?

  • damnation (44%)
  • abbey (30%)
  • siberia (13%)
  • eternal_valley (10%)
  • nucleus (4%)
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  1. bandandit

    Hi guys. Just a reminder we only want to know what you would choose from these 5 options! Just because reissen and forge aren’t listed doesn’t mean they aren’t going to be in the map pool. :D

  2. Hutch

    Abbey is a great map! Underplayed (obviously) but I would love to see it in future map pools if others agreed!

      1. Suicizer

        You can’t continuously rocketjump on evillness. Plus I would be a serious wimp by calling your own map the best and your most favorite.

  3. Zeus

    I will say this before Frostys here :D

    Im a Basic bitch and love playing Dust2, Forge and Reissen :D
    But i also play any other maps :D

    1. savanha

      abbey is the only one I’d like to play between these : it’s mirrored , has a good size for 3v3 ( unlike damnation which is way too big ) and you’re not forced to pass through the middle of the map as that’s the only way to the enemy’s base ( unlike siberia).

  4. Deluxe

    Am I the only one who strongly dislikes damnation?
    I picked abbey, but siberia isnt bad either, although i think it’s a bit too inviting for riflerampages.

  5. Nighty

    I would rather play a 3v3 ectf match on abbey than damnation. Reason why is bc damnation is too big of a map to actually play a 3v3 on, its more of a mass game map. On the other hand abbey would suite a 3v3 more effectively in my opinion, its smaller plus you would enjoy it more. butttt…… FORGE FORGE FORGE!


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