SauerLeague – New Sauerbraten League

As a few of you may have heard, a new sauerbraten tournament called “SauerLeague” will be hosted in the new year. The league is currently organized by Frosty, who is also a member of the Sauerworld crew. As noted on their website, their goals are to provide a fair, and long-living tournament for everyone wanting to be involved. Read more for the details on their first event!

Dates: January 3rd (effic, ectf), January 10th (ffa, ctf)

Times: 5:00 PM CET (duel modes), 7:00 PM CET approx. (team modes)

How To Play: Signup here, and read their rules


Here is a quick personal message from Frosty:

“My mission is simply to give players another opportunity to play sauer for fun and competition. Nobody will be excluded if they wish to participate!”


Original post: LINK

IRC: #sauerleague on or WebIRC


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