New Content Channel: “Map Discovery”

Want more solid content? We at Sauerworld would like to introduce a new series focused solely on mapping, called Map Discovery! In it, we will focus on introducing some new high quality maps for you to play on from all across Sauer, along with some detailed ratings on different aspects of the map and why we think you would enjoy them! We will also be focusing on an occasional release map from the current release, which we believe to be underrated and maybe even undiscovered by some infrequent players. The overall goal here is to shed some light on the mapping side of Sauer, and attempt to bring both editors and fraggers together to create and enjoy great new maps.

To start things off, we introduce you to our first map: Stahlbox. Made by ex-cm| rabe, this FFA/Duel map offers new textures, stunning details, fun game play, and an overall uniqueness usually only seen from the guys over at Cubic Matter. The details and appearance are what really sets this map apart; the new textures are not only amazing, but are also flawlessly applied to the map and it’s geometry. The lighting is simple, yet creates beautiful contrast and shadows, and all the little details might even distract you for the first ten minutes before you even start your game. For you stat nerds out there, this map comes in at a slim 33k WTR for it’s level of detail. In comparison, Turbine = 9k, Forge = 58k, and Reissen = 85k.

But enough about the appearance! For an in-depth description on the map’s game-play, be sure to check out our new Map Discovery page!




The map is available for download here, or over at it’s original home at

Our ratings of the map:

[Flow/Layout/Playability] – 7/10
[Appearance/Detail/Lighting] – 10/10
[Uniqueness] – 7/10
[Build (WTR/Cube Count in relevance to Detail)] – 10/10

Overall Map Rating – 8.5/10


Be sure to try it out for your next duel!


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