Moments of Glory #15 Submissions Opened

The time has come. In light of the new 2020 release of Sauerbraten and upon multiple requests, submissions for the 15th episode of Sauerworld’s Moments of Glory are now open.

Start collecting your demos now!!111!!

A special channel on Sauerworld’s Discord server has been opened to post your submissions, #mog-15-submissions. Please check it out and follow the rules for posting.

Submissions will be open for a while, so do not rush yours. Instead, take your time to provide an epic moment that you will be confident can compare to the clips of MoG’s passed. After all, we’ve seen 14 installments thus far, all with top-tier plays; You have big shoes to fill.

It also goes without saying that clips from new maps of the 2020 release of Sauer will be prioritized and favored, but clips from any old maps are still welcome!!!

Don’t know what we’re talking about? Check out this page to watch some glorious footage of this game and get up to speed on things.

We look forward to your contributions. See you in the next video!


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