Moments of Glory #14 – The Winners

Hello sauer friends, after some time and a little bit of drama, I am happy to announce our winner for Fatality’s awesome MoG #14. I’d like to thank everyone who sent in submissions, I think they have far surpassed expectations. It made me happy to see players trying their best every day in order to achieve something special. Below you can see the top three players with the most votes:

As you can see Gangler’s domination got the most votes. Not far behind was Morty’s frags and skill score, which was my personal favorite and finally friend ZCrone got third with his quadrakill. Personally I am just a bit sad to not see Agalloch’s 200 iq play but competition is tough!

That’s it guys, thank you again and don’t throw away your demos just yet, there’s going to be more Moments of Glory soon!


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