Moments of Glory #11

We are happy to bring you *drum roll…….* MoG 11! Enjoy the show, and don’t forget to play awesomely in your games so you can get that clip to submit!!



We still need contributors! Do you think you could create the next MoG? Contact Fatality or any other Sauerworld team member for more info, either on this website, through the Contribute Form, or in #sauercom on IRC.


But in the mean time,

What was your favorite scene from MoG 11?

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  1. Acuerta

    Great job.

    I’m really impressed by both quality of submissions and your editing skills.

    You managed to take a more individual approach to MoG’ing, which I find very enjoyable. Movies simply can’t stand out if they feel and look like every other movie that’s been produced.


  2. swatllama

    Nice editing! Great clips, although it’s a little silly that we have so many intro clips and the main clips are kinda like an afterthought (not anything on you, Fatality, but we should submit more big clips! And more intro clips too! And MORE VIDEOS MORE FREQUENTLY!)


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