Give Us Your Feedback!

Since we haven’t been getting the user participation lately that we want to inspire with our efforts, we would like to hear your feedback on the matter!

Naturally, we decided to direct our focus to the tournament hype these days and provide you with all sorts of pre and post-game coverage.
The crux is that even the shorter posts sometimes take hours when you aim for a quality product. All we want to know from you, our readers, is whether it is worth that time.
If it isn’t, we will redirect our resources.

There are three ways for you to give us your feedback.
1) vote on the polls below
2) write a comment under this post
3) message Acuerta on discord

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  1. h8

    I reply when I can and follow the tournaments, atleast for ffa, I follow it very closely. I’m still waiting for that interview of redon.

  2. Tristam K

    well. I just focus more in my discord channel and mapping instead on fragging part of sauer so that’s why i not so active here or in sauer discord

  3. greenadiss

    I passively watch streams and read all posts. You guys are doing a great thing! But sauer is sauer (if you know what I mean).


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