1. vonquiche

    frags are quite good, but why all the slowmo?
    i assumed it was something to do with trying to fit with the slow/laid back theme of the music, however a ql fragmovie called “zis is rapha” has the exact same soundtrack and no slowmo stuff and it fits perfectly.

    alternatively if it’s just a personal artistic choice i understand. :p

    1. Fohlen

      I initially started off with the background music and recording the first scenes in slowmo, and liked it that way. Anyhow I understand that it could have been way more enthralling with less slowmo. So gotta figure out a better combo of slow/fast scenes in my next try :)

  2. Jawer

    I honestly didn’t like much about it, the slowmo kept it in a boring mood while the frags were starting low quality and staying low quality being brought to the folks even a lot less impressive because of the slowed down time. I never saw any purpose in showing a scene ONLY in slow motion, better only original speed. I don’t lay too much value on music, which might explain why your editing choices didn’t match my personal expectations of a good frag movie. I liked the song but i also like fast and rare/special gameplay, instead of just general “good” frags. Takes more time to get the material but it’s worth in my eyes.
    Still good cutting work i believe :P


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