Has this ever happend to YOU?

If so, it’s important to know that you’re not alone. More than half of sauer players suffer from some level of FTSD (FFA Traumatic Stress Disorder). For some, the damage is so severe that they might never set foot on a map with pickups again, too afraid of re-experiencing rape like in the image above.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

That’s why i’m excited to present the ‘Just subtract 30!‘ beginner/intermediate FFA league! The top 10 ranked FFA players from the SauerDuels tourney organization are BANNED from participation – see how THEY like being elimated early! The tourney will use the normal SauerDuels format, or something very close to it (depending on who signs up and how many), with a couple tweaks to make the tourney more beginner friendly: All bo1 map picks will be done by vetoing out the pool (so if you know 4 maps you can say screw the rest and still play) and we won’t collect any stats, so if you’re losing 20-0 and feel the rage coming on, you can forfeit and move on without breaking anything for future tourneys. The map pool is also the usual SauerDuels stuff – metl2, metl3, metl4, metl5, tumwalk, corruption, nmp8, hades.

I will now answer some questions you might have:

Q: When is the tournament?
A: Sunday October 14th, at 6:00pm CEST (12:00pm EST)

Q: Should I sign up for this tournament?
A: Are you one of the 10 banned guys?
Then yes!

Q: I’ve never picked up an item in my life, and I’m worried I might end up like the guy in that screenshot if I have to play any of those ‘intermediate’ guys. People could laugh at me!
A: Let me assure you that the JS30 league is a 100% certified safe space and judgement free zone, with admins standing by to provide positive reinforcement regardless of the score.

Q: I’m one of those intermediate guys, in fact, I think I’m pretty good. Are you sure this tourney isn’t beneath me?
A: The winner of the event is BANNED from all future JS30 FFA events. Win, and you’ll never have to ask that question again.

If there are any other questions, like ‘how the hell do you play FFA?’ feel free to message me in discord!

Signup here: https://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/6LLQTUbJ28

Have fun!



  1. Gangler

    In my opinion that are too many maps. If I want to participate, I need to learn the item spawns and the gameplay of 7 different layouts. If this is a beginner tournament there should be less maps. When I started with playing duels in the past my first 200 maps were turbine, complex and ot. :d

    1. h8

      All bo1 map picks will be done by vetoing out the pool (so if you know 4 maps you can say screw the rest and still play).
      so u can veto out the ones that u don’t know at all..

    2. notas

      ya what h8 said, u only gotta learn 4 maps. Also – you don’t HAVE to learn anything. This is an extremely informal tournament. Just show up even if you only looked at the pickups once.

  2. Daemes

    Is there any chance that Orion by MisterCat (orion) gets in the pool?
    It’s good FFA map, and I really like it, but I wouldn’t like that some other map people like gets replaced by it.


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