1. swatllama

    Great video! The editing at the beginning was super cool. I’m glad you included teamplay and CTF clips =).
    nice fairnes sin this tournament.

  2. hamon

    Nice video thx for highlighting me and the funny joke which shows that you don’t know what i mean :D :D(Tipp: i never mean the game, just the tournament organizing ;-) :-)
    Make me happy.
    and thx God for a not annoying music +1 ( i stopped watching some other fragmovies after the first 30 seconds because the music was cancer for my ears)
    Good work

  3. Agalloch


    As always, i love your in game actions of course i love your video #2. Your SG and some hits are extremely nice.

  4. Zoocata

    Great work man! I burst out laughing when you layered the guy falling into the pit over that guy biffing it on reissen.

    1. pix

      but… it was a woman falling into the pit after the guy pushed her down… it’s from Game of Thrones, you should watch it!

  5. pix

    Really awesome video! Music isn’t my thing but that’s no reason not to like the video in itself. Editing could have been a little more fitted to the rhythm of the song, but I guess that’s not easy to combine with the long clips you had. Overall 9/10!

    P.S.: Why did you pick that title?

    1. Acuerta

      In my opinion, it’s all about creating opportunities “out of nowhere” or “from nothing”. When you think something’s impossible at first, that’s when the clips get really good.

  6. Fatality

    Amazing frags of course, always entertaining to watch you play. Yea the music isn’t to my taste but I’d rather see a fragmovie with music that expresses the editor’s mood than a song that will please everyone. Editing is simple, but allows for more attention to the action. Great video

  7. Vanquish

    +GoT scene
    +recording config
    +mix of modes

    -terrible music

    9/10, looking forward to #3 :>

  8. miu

    I got goosebumps on watching the moment from 1:02 to 1:08
    Nice editing and music.
    Also it was nice to see someone using my playermodel skins :P

  9. Jumper

    I’ve no idea why everyone doesn’t like the music, in my opinion it’s great, really nice choice especially for that kind of movie. And as always, great moments. Great job acu :)

  10. raffael

    haha, ECTF-CHAMPION and Jax.. :D man, good old tp times :)

    Nice video, amazing skill and all-around plays. Thumbs up.

  11. a-monster

    I love it. Really a great video. Nice frags, great cuts, balance game sound to music (i like it) is perfect, good speed. Perfect entertaining. Do it again Acuerta.


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