Entertaining race video by TristamK

Here comes the “first ever race movie” by RUSS clan member – TristamK. I took a short interview with TristamK and this is what he says about his race video:

This is a video that you probably never expected to see in the Sauerbraten..

For the rest, enjoy the video!



    1. TristamK

      Since This video was published I’m going to upload my map pack to the few sites. At least, I’m going to upload it to the quadropolis and sauer-racing. Maybe i will try to upload this to the sauerbraten.org but iam not sure if someone still on the site. Actually to be honest I don’t have the contacts of the race servers administrators =)
      Tomorrow I will create a topic on the SW forum where i will store all my maps (all the criticism can be said in this topic btw). At least I find it rather silly to create a new topic for each new map. =)

  1. star

    finally some race maps with more than just the dull pistol! please more of this! MORE!!!

    I like the movie very much, good editing and well chosen music. a bit dark at times :( but all in all really good work!
    enjoyed watching it.

  2. TristamK

    Thanks for your comments TERENCE and STAR.

    More maps with weapons it’s isn’t so big problem. For example, after that i dedicated to create RSMC (Russian Sauer Mapping Community….Community where 2 people from 4 to permanently inactive -_- ) in the same time TemaX (RSMC member) create 2 prototype maps for rocket and grenade. I can try make in playble and somehow add it to the map pack (link for current version of the map pack you can find in the discription for video).

  3. Theoretic

    Can someone please let my team ExCel (xL) into SauerLeague PLEASE
    My team consists of me Theoretic, Infared, and Scorched please let us in we love competitive games and we’ve always wanted to be in a gaming league, I’m the best player at my school and Infared and Scorched are in the top 5 with me PLEASE

  4. Theoretic

    Please if any competitive teams are still out there lets bring back SauerLeague Please


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