eCTF Championship Series Match Day 1 (Division B)

Heya everyone, here is a short update on next week’s tournament. Since there has been an outright storm on signup slots we have extended division B to 6 teams. Hear hear, the contestants are:

=DK=, sQ, =MyS=, |DM|, hpp and banana gang.


  • each round is played as a best of three series
  • at the beginning of each round please join the server as written on the timetable (private IP addresses are announced on Discord)
  • the map pool consists of 7 maps: enigma luna rust fusion reissen haste redemption
  • every game starts with two picks (the team whose name is first in the timetable picks first)
  • games should be started with the #cw command (e.g #cw efficctf redemption)
  • if a game is tied two minutes of overtime are automatically added
  • if the round cannot be determined by two games each team will veto two maps, whereas the remainder will be played
  • please do not be late: there is a policy of 5 minutes of delay per game, after which the opponent team may decide to skip (no-show)
  • cheating will not be tolerated, the usual


TimeRoundeCS Server AeCS Server BeCS Server C
Sunday March 14, 6 PM CET1.hpp, sQ=DK=, banana gang=MyS=, |DM|
Sunday March 14, 6:45 PM CET2banana gang, =MyS=|DM|, .hppsQ, =DK=
Sunday March 14, 7:30 PM CET3|DM|, banana gang=MyS=, sQ.hpp, =DK=
Sunday March 14, 8:15 PM CET4=DK=, =MyS=sQ, |DM|banana gang, .hpp
Sunday March 14, 9PM CET5|DM|, =DK=.hpp, =MyS=banana gang, sQ

This timetable reflects the updated challonge bracket.

More informations

If you haven’t heard yet, we have a public Discord. It is mainly used for communications with the contestants. If you would like to join nevertheless, there you go.


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