CoronaCup Happening May 31st: Format, Maps, Rules Updates

As today is pretty much Saturday, I’m pleased to announce that the rona’d World Cup will take place Sunday, May 31st.

People have been asking about whether players from underrepresented regions can play with country’s teams that are neighbouring. Yes they can!

The currently signed up teams are:

  • East Europe: savi Honzik Partizan
  • France1: lagout 1989 ysosrs
  • France2: r4, khorne, zcrone, Daesi
  • SA1: sparta Galaxy Akari

We’d like to see 4 more teams confirmed! PM swatllama to sign your team up!

When: Sunday, May 31st, 5PM GMT+2 (timezone for France and Germany). It’s earlier than normal since the group stage may add some time to the usual length.

Format: Assuming 8 to 10 teams, teams will be randomly placed into one of two groups, and a round-robin groupstage (best of 1, veto map pool to choose map) will take place. Then all teams will advance to a Double Elimination (bo3 winner’s pick/pick/veto, bo1 loser’s veto) bracket. The final game will be a best of 5, with the team coming from the loser’s bracket at a 1 map disadvantage (starting 0-1).

Maps: forge reissen redemption haste catch22 abbey turbulence – that’s right, only collect edition maps this time!


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