Announcing the eCTF Championship Series

The Sauerbraten 2020 release has been out for a solid two months, enough time to familiarize with the quirks of a new release!

Today the Sauerbraten eCTF Championship Series will be announced. It’s goal is to promote the love of eCTF and bring some shackle back into the competitive scene of eCTF. Traditionally Sauerbraten tournaments use a knockout system to determine the winner. In the eCTF Championship series however teams will participate in two divisions (4 teams each) of a round-robin format! This should encourage participation for new teams while making competition more thrilling for established teams.

When will it happen?

Glad you’ve asked. The eCTF Championship Series divides the round-robin format into 4 consecutive weeks. Every team plays at 2 events, with 3 rounds at each event (about 2 hours). The two divisions (A and B) will play at the following times and dates:

Starts atDivisionRound
Sunday March 14, 6 PM CETB1-5
Sunday March 21, 6 PM CETA1-3
Sunday March 28, 6 PM CETB6-10
Sunday April 4, 6 PM CETA4-6

The round-robin bracket for division B is up on challonge, for illustration.

How to sign up?

Members of the division A will receive an invitation in the coming days. Please verify that your team will be able to play on March 21 and April 4. Teams for division B can sign up starting from today by messaging me (Fohlen) on SauerWorld Discord.

Anything else?

  • Games are played best-of-three
  • The winner of the B division will switch places with the team making last place in division A in the next season
  • The mappool is to be announced shortly (this post will be updated)
  • A follow-up post will be released announcing the detailed times and information for teams to participate
  • The eCTF Championship Series staff will provide two servers to play the games on officially. If these go down because of the phase of the moon, please complete games on private servers
  • Cheating will not be tolerated. The usual.

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